Kalmar ECG

Hubkapazität 9.0 Tonne
Hubhöhe 6.4 Meter
With the ECG forklift series, Kalmar is one of the few manufacturers that produces electrical driven forklifts with lifting capacities up to 9000 kg.

With the newest generation electrical Kalmar forklifts we offer you the best of 2 worlds: Same power and productivity as with internal combustion forklifts, but without the emissions, noise and vibration.
Powerfull and speedy 80 Volt electrical forklifts with capacities from 5 to 9 tonnes.
No emissions and noise, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.
Low maintenance costs because few parts are suffering wear and tear, low energy costs.

Wallet and environmental friendly

Going electric is truly a statement. No more greenhouse gases or particles. No more harmful vibrations. And no more noise in the factory. To some, an electric truck is required to handle sensitive goods such as food or beverages. To others, going electric is in line with progressive sustainability policies. But regardless of your type of operation, you will enjoy the truck’s zero emission, low vibrations and quiet operation.


Putting an end to fossil fuels in forklift trucks will also show on your bottom line. There is no longer need for regular diesel truck transports, and your energy running costs will be dramatically reduced. In fact, according to calculations it is possible to reduce costs by up to 75% every year from energy savings alone. Add higher lifetime availability and lower maintenance costs – and you are looking at a really smart deal.



Worldwide recognized quality

With Kalmar we offer you a top class forklift, for heavy loads. Kalmar has for many decades a famous reputation in port handling and heavy industries. With more than 65.000 units in more than 140 countries, Kalmar is the biggest manufacturer for heavy load transportation. In portlogistics, 25% of all container movements is done by a Kalmar machine product.

No emissions and noise, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.
Powerfull 80 volt electrical forklifts with 5 to 9 tonne capacity.
Kalmar has the best developed EGO cabin, leading in ergonomics.
Low maintenance costs because few parts are suffering wear and tear, low energy costs.
High reliability, long service intervals.

Modern EGO cabin

The newest generation forklifts from Kalmar are equipped with the new EGO cabin. A unique design with the maximum view around. Big curved windows, a minimum of cab styles creates a better view than ever for the driver. It creates maximum productivity, and safety.


Ergonomic control console

All major control functions are placed on the console, connected to the seat. Fully adjustable for the driver. Operating the forklift works with the logic positioned joysticks with small hand-movements.


Low maintenance costs

No starter, no turbo, no waterpump, no hydraulic transmission etc. Few parts subject to wear and tear implicates lower maintenance costs than with IC forklifts.


Favourable TCO by low energy and low maintenance costs

Based on 2500 hours per year the return on investment, on the difference in price with an IC forklift,  is only 2 years! Thanks to lower energy and maintenance costs!


Safety features

Safety has always been a Kalmar trademark and the new electric truck is no exception. It will meet, and exceed, any safety regulation that may apply in your local market.

Almost never a heavy forklift is delivered as a “standard”. Specific working circumstances demand tailor made solutions. The number of options and possibilities with Kalmar forklifts are therefore enormous.


Blue Spot safety light

A quiet haven in a busy plant, a low-noise electric truck can actually be a risk as it moves around virtually unnoticeably. The blue safety light alerts people that the Kalmar ECG forklift is approaching, reducing the risk of accidents.


Optiview mast

The optional Optiview (3V) mast has full free lift. With its two full free lift cylinders to the side, there is nothing Optiview mast TX in the centre to obstruct the operator’s visibility.

Kalmar ECG


Kalmar ECG

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