Can I use a diesel forklift indoors?

Since 1 January 2003, it has been prohibited for companies to use diesel trucks up to four tonnes in enclosed spaces. The regulations on permitted exhaust emissions for forklifts are included in European Regulations. Diesel engine emissions contain composite substances that are carcinogenic. Diesel engine emission is therefore included in the list of carcinogens.

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The starting point on Carcinogens is that, where technically possible, replacement of the carcinogen by a less harmful substance must take place. Financial and economic considerations do not play a role in this.

For forklifts up to four tonnes capacity there is a good alternative in electric and LPG driven forklifts. Therefore, diesel driven forklifts in this category are prohibited in enclosed spaces, including half-open spaces.


Diesel driven forklifts up to four tonnes are prohibited in enclosed spaces.


The (Dutch) Labor Inspection only checks companies on this matter if a complaint has been reported. In the event of an infringement, a six-month transitional arrangement will be implemented after a warning, within which an alternative must be arranged in the form of an electric or LPG forklift. If the user still fails after that period, the Labor Inspection will impose a fine.