Feyter Forklift Services is official dealer of Aisle-Master articulated forklifts. With these unique machines we are able to offer space saving solutions for warehouses. Articulated forklifts make it possible to increase your storage capacity by up to 50% compared with a counterbalance or reach truck.

When you require additional warehouse space, you have two options – extend your existing facility or move premises. With an Aisle-Master articulated forklift, you have a third option. By optimising your racking layout and reducing aisle widths down to as little as 1.6 m, you can dramatically increase your storage capacity within your existing facility. An Aisle-Master is also the ideal choice when designing your new facility or warehouse, making the most of available space and maximising storage capacity.



About Aisle-Master

With more than 50 years’ experience in providing costeffective solutions to materials handling problems, you can be sure that you are investing in the best quality in the market when buying an Aisle-Master truck.

The machines are built at the site in Monaghan – also home to the parent company Combilift. A state-of-the-art production line, plus extensive R&D facilities enables them to pursue their aim of continual product enhancement, thus giving customers nothing but the best.

Aisle-Master trucks are tough, versatile and built to last. Designed to withstand heavy-duty use inside and out, each robust VNA articulated forklift truck is manufactured to the highest standards and distributed from the Aisle-Master global headquarters in Ireland. Each truck comes with a 5 year, 5,000 hours factory-backed warranty as standard, and free warehouse planning service – crucial reasons why our customers experience the highest levels of reliability at the lowest total cost of ownership.


Gain productivity and storage

Need more space? Faster productivity and turnaround times? Advanced technology and easy operation? Look no further than an Aisle-Master forklift truck. Ask any forklift operator what increases productivity and the answer will include superior ergonomics, safety, manoeuvrability and optimum stability. With an Aisle-Master truck, you get all this – and more.



Features & Benefits:

  • Available in electric and LPG powered models, the articulated design offers unbeatable manoeuvrability, providing faster load cycle times and reduced driver fatigue.
  • Greater reach and capacity: each truck lifts to heights up to 15m, offers VNA operation in aisle-widths of just 1.6 m and has impressive load/lift capacity of upto 2.5t, increasing warehouse storage by 50% and lowering costs.
  • Easy operation gives greater efficiency and higher productivity – resulting in better use of space and lower operating costs.
  • Driver comfort and safety included as standard: enhanced cabin ergonomics and superb visibility lead to fewer operator health problems and less downtime, boosting driver satisfaction and productivity.
  • High quality robust construction of chassis and mast using high-grade steel and castings – gives better reliability and longer life span, reducing total cost of ownership.
  • Each VNA truck can operate on any floor surface, both inside and out, eliminating the need for both reach and counterbalance machines, so minimising costs.



Free warehouse planning

Aisle-Master provides a complete warehouse planning service including racking layout proposals and storage density calculations. The free of charge service uses the latest CAD design technology to visualise the capacity potential within your facility.