Electric Terberg YT tractors

Lifting capacity 36.0 ton
In addition to the standard YT tractors, Terberg also introduces a generation of electric tractors: The Terberg YT203-EV. The new electric drive performs comparable to diesel engines, but there are no local CO2 and nitrogen emissions. The large battery variant offers a considerably larger range than before. In addition, this battery technology has a wider temperature range so that it can be used without problems in cold and warm environments.

This new generation of Terberg electric vehicles will be available from the end of 2020.
Prices on request
High performance, comparable to diesel engines
No local CO2 and nitrogen emissions
Lower maintenance costs and lower energy consumption

Over Terberg

The family owned Dutch company Terberg started already in 1869 and has specialised in production and development of Terminal, Yard and RoRo tractors.  The Terberg tractors are mainly used in ports, logistics and industry.


Terberg is a  trendsetter in this niche market and adapts continuously to new demands and develops  innovative solutions . The high quality products, and high level after sales organisation , have made Terberg one of the biggest players in this market, active in more than 100 countries.

About Terberg YT Electric Tractors


Please note: Terberg electric YT tractors will only be available from the end of 2020.


With the new electric drives, Terberg is making a number of important improvements compared to previous generations. By offering different battery capacities, customers can choose the solution that suits their operational deployment. Companies with an intensive commitment can opt for an increased battery capacity and thus a larger range. With less intensive use and with more time to charge in between, a smaller battery pack can be chosen, of course at a more attractive price.


The new electric motor performs similarly to diesel engines, but there is no local CO2 and nitrogen emissions. The new electric drive contains fewer (moving) parts, both compared to a diesel engine and compared to the previous EV generation. This reduces maintenance costs. The new EV drive also has regenerative braking, which reduces energy consumption. Finally, emission-free and quieter driving can be done in enclosed spaces, this is common with terminal tractors.




The Terberg Connect telematics solution makes it possible to remotely monitor the status and performance of each vehicle, including the charging cycle and available battery capacity. This makes it possible to charge the right vehicle at the right time and thus avoid unplanned downtime.



Charging at regular charging stations

By using a DC charger, it is possible to charge the vehicle at regular charging stations. The new batteries comply with the ECE-R100 rev. 2 directive and are resistant to very high and low temperatures, making the new Terberg YT203-EV applicable worldwide! * In addition, the new charging plug meets the CCS2.0 automotive standard. The vehicles can be charged with any charger with CCS2.0 connection and the correct specifications.



Ergonomics and comfort

Like the previous series, the new YT, including the electric version, is also characterized by the spacious cabin. It is fully designed for high ergonomics and optimum ease of operation. The comfortable cab suspension is comparable to that of trucks. Next to the driver's seat are controls for intuitive fingertip control. The storage space above the head and the recesses on the new dashboard are also easily accessible and very functional. The large, slightly slanted windows provide the driver with excellent visibility in all directions and prevent annoying reflections.

Electric Terberg YT tractors


Electric Terberg YT tractors

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