Opt for maximum certainty

Most entrepreneurs are (rather) not busy with the maintenance of their production or transport machines. And understandably, the focus is of course on the core business of the company. How easy is it that you can leave this concern entirely with your supplier?


Technisch onderhoudscontract


That is why we offer various service packages, or maintenance contracts, so that you can completely outsource the maintenance planning. You choose the degree of certainty yourself: from full maintenance on subsequent calculation, without contract, to total unburdening for a fixed amount per month.

If you opt for unburdening, Feyter Forklift Services offers a service package that relieves you of all concerns about preventive maintenance. And that at competitive rates: After all, our profit lies in the certainty and planning ability of maintenance.


Do you have questions about maintenance or technical support for your forklift truck? We are happy to advise you without obligation.