Technical services


Preventive maintenance by experienced mechanics is essential for every machine. It guarantees a longer lifespan and it also reduces the risk of malfunction and failure of your equipment, which minimizes disturbance of your business process and saves costs.

Maintenance of your forklift , warehouse truck, telehandler or other machine can be done at your own location. Regular maintenance is planned together with you in order not to disturb your business process. By applying the correct maintenance at the right interval for your machine and your operating conditions, expensive repairs can be avoided. But equally important is the small, daily maintenance by you or employees. We are at your service to advise you on this.


24-hour service

For emergencies at night or in the weekend we have a 24-hour service. The interference service is available on our general telephone number: 0031 (0) 115 641320. Often the mechanic may be of use by helping you on the phone. However, if an urgent repair is required, a mechanic will come on site to correct the problem.

We offer a 24/7 technical service