Welcome to Feyter Group

Welcome to Feyter Group. We are a regionally as well as internationally oriented group of companies with many specialisms, divided into 3 divisions: Forklift Services, Industrial Services and Civil Engineering.


Divisie Forklift Services
Forklift Services
Total supplier in the field of internal logistics and material handling. Core activities are sales, rental and maintenance of forklifts, telehandlers, container handlers, terminal tractors and port equipment.
Divisie Industrial Services
Industrial Services
Feyter Industrial Services is specialised in developing and constructing custom machines, machine tooling and steel constructions. Thermosan Engineering specifically produces parts for all possible pipeline systems used in the chemical, petrochemical and offshore sectors.
Divisie Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering
Full-service construction agency Faktor Civil Engineering focuses on the design, calculation and drawing of architectural structures. Specialized in concrete, wood and steel structures.

About Feyter Group

The various companies of the Feyter Group are subdivided into three divisions which are closely interconnected. Industrial services, Forklift services and Civil engineering each have their own specialisation. The group is active both regionally and internationally and has locations in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Spain.

The strength of the group is enormous, because there is effective synergy. This synergetic effect is intensified because complementary companies within the divisions collaborate. Due to this collaboration, optimal use is made of everyone’s strengths and extensive, complex projects can be undertaken. The local presence keeps the lines short and the contact personal.

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Founded in 1959

Feyter was founded in 1959 as one-man company De Feijter Staalbouw by Rinus de Feijter. The company has grown steadily into what is now known as Feyter Group: A both regionally and internationally oriented group of concerns with many specialisations and a broad customer base.

Duurzaam Ondernemerschap

Corporate Social Responsibility

Feyter Group takes its social role seriously. Together we create a liveable world. We therefore actively use our knowledge and resources to support charities, events and regional associations.

And we also do our part when it comes to sustainability. To minimize our ecological footprint and prevent environmental pollution, making our organizations more sustainable is high on the agenda. We are committed to making our energy consumption and used materials more sustainable.