Kalmar Empty Container Handlers

Lifting capacity 10.0 ton
Lift height 21.0 meter
The Kalmar Empty Container Handler series contains 6 different machines with a lifting capacity ranging from 8 to 10 tons. All machines can optionally be equipped with a spreader with twist locks for picking up 1 container, or with hooks / hydraulic clamping system for picking up 2 containers. The maximum stacking height is 8 + 1 containers.

Feyter Iberia has a large rental fleet with used container handling machines. If you occasionally need an (extra) container handler, for example during a peak period in your work, hiring a machine will be the most interesting. Feyter always has machines available for short-term rental. Do you need a machine for large-scale use all year round? Then buying an Empty Container Handler is an interesting option. After all, you pay the lowest price over the long term. However, if you do not want to make a big call on your budget in one go, take a look at all the possibilities for leasing, including maintenance or exclusive maintenance, if desired.
Spreader with twist-locks for picking up 1 container, or hydraulic clamping system for picking up 2 containers
Lifting capacity ranging from 8 to 10 tons
Maximum stacking height of 8 + 1 containers

Kalmar DCG Empty Container Handler series


Benefits for the owner:

  • More choices than ever

Talking about the DCG range of Kalmar, the machines offer more options than ever before. That means you get exactly the value you expect for your money. First of all, you have a wider choice of machines, with lifting capacities of 8, 9 or 10 tons, a large selection of masts and spreaders for single or double container handling. You also have greater freedom of choice under the bonnet, with different powertrains and performance levels that you can tailor to your needs.


  • More efficiency than ever

Kalmar offers a choice between Medium Performance (MP) or High Performance (HP) drive lines. The MP engine and transmission combination is suitable for the most common applications. However, if you need some extra power for higher lifting speeds, the High-Performance combination will be more suitable for you. Both drive lines come with Eco Drive with three different operating modes:


Power mode: When speed and high productivity is essential. With the full engine speed, driving and lifting movements can be carried out at maximum speed without compromising on safety..

Normal mode: When you want to keep some speed. With a slightly lowered engine speed you can save 5-15% on your operational and fuel costs.

Economy mode: When you do not need the maximum speeds and prefer the lowest operating costs. With the engine speed further reduced, you can expect 10-25% lower operating and fuel costs.


  • More value for your money

As the most reliable and robust range of Empty Handlers on the market, the Kalmar DCG offers you great benefits, such as a higher uptime due to longer maintenance intervals. With the advanced diagnostic system, any malfunctions can be dealt with quickly. This results in higher employability and lower maintenance costs. The Kalmar empty container handlers are also known for their reliability and durability, which means they have the highest residual value on the market.  



Benefits for the driver:

  • More comfort than ever

All new Kalmar DCG models are supplied with the modern EGO cab, which can be placed high or low on the chassis. With an exceptional ergonomic design, many smart functions and an intuitive workspace, drivers can get the most out of their machine. With a spacious adjustable driver's seat, a new pedal system and a new air conditioning system, you as an operator benefit from a cabin with superior comfort.


  • Better vision

Thanks to very narrow cab styles, a much better view in all directions is offered than any other cab: Both forwards, backwards, sideways and upwards. The new double windscreen wiper system cleans a large part of the windshield so that the view to the front remains optimal in all circumstances.


  • Easy operations

A new joystick, electronically adjustable control console and a tilting steering wheel; All designed to minimize driver fatigue and increase efficiency.

Kalmar Empty Container Handlers
Kalmar Empty Container Handlers - Lifting Heights
Kalmar Empty Container Handlers - Lifting Capacities

Kalmar DCG specifications


Download the PDF specification brochure of the Kalmar DCG Empty container handlers.

Kalmar Empty Container Handlers


Kalmar Empty Container Handlers

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