About us

Thermosan Engineering produces components for all piping systems that are in use. We supply these products to national and international companies in the chemical, petrochemical and offshore industries. They choose Thermosan Engineering because of the high quality of the products, the fact that we use certified materials, and the reliable lead times.

Thermosan has a large stock of pipes, rods and forged items, which we categorize into carbon steel, stainless steel and high-alloy steels (specials). We have a unique position in this extremely demanding market thanks to our sophisticated organisational structure, our thorough knowledge of the materials and the professional expertise of our staff.

Our service philosophy

Thermosan Engineering operates in a world in which time is money. This demands top-quality products at all times. We are fully aware of that, every day. Our organisational structure is set up entirely with that in mind. Our detailed scheduling and very flexible manufacturing process lets us deliver any part on time.

Our service principles are as follows:

  • A huge variety of pipes, rods and forged pieces
  • Fully certified materials
  • Extremely fast throughput times
  • Strict agreements on delivery times
  • All-round craftsmanship
  • Extensive knowledge of the materials and products