From one-man-company to international group


Already in 1959, Marinus de Feijter laid the foundations for the current Feyter Group, with the establishment of his one-man business De Feijter. In the early years, the company is located in the center of Terneuzen. Like the establishment, the work is also of modest size in those days. Over time, the company transforms into a private held company.


Feyter Staalbouw aan de Haarmanweg in Terneuzen anno 1964


In 1963 the real growth of De Feijter begins. In that year, a very spacious housing at the Mr. F.J. Haarmanweg is build to house the company. In fact, this location still houses the headquarter of Feyter Group nowadays.


In 1980, forklift trucks are added to Feijter's assortment. A logical step because Datsun forklift manufacturer searches distributors in Zeeland and De Feijter has a lot of clients in need of forklift in this region. The new De Feijter branch is then called De Feijter Verhuur & Handelsmaatschappij, but operates under the name Feyter Forklift Services since 2006.


In 1982 De Feijter was subsequently expanded with the successful drawing agency Faktor in Middelburg. This company specializes in architectural designs for concrete, wood and steel structures and the guidance of license applications. Add this to the services De Feijter already has to offer and a golden combination is created.


Due to the fact that several companies, services and products have been added to De Feijter over the years, a new, modern, fresh look and name was chosen in 2006. The group of companies is since then called 'Feyter Group', which indicates the international character. The different companies are divided into 3 divisions: Industrial Services, Forklift Services and Civil Engineering.


In 2008, the Industrial Services division welcomes Thermosan Engineering in Middelburg. Thermosan remains to operate under its own, for many familiar name.