Kalmar Heavy Forklifts

About the Kalmar Heavy Forklifts 

Kalmar forklifts are the benchmark in the most heavy circumstances. Like port operations, steel industry, wood industry, etc etc. These heavy duty machines are suitable for intensive operations with long shifts and high demands on ergonomics, in order to get the best out of the driver. The machines will give you a very high rate on reliability and long life time.



Buying or leasing a heavy forklift

Feyter Forklift Services offers heavy forklift trucks for sale, financial lease and operational lease. Buying a forklift is the most interesting option if you use the machine(s) a lot, on a daily base. After all, you pay the lowest price in the long term. If the use of the forklift truck is high, buying is often more interesting than renting. If the stakes are high, but you do not want to make a major appeal to your budget, take a look at all the options for leasing forklifts. As an option we can offer leasing with the costs of maintenance included.



Heavy forklift rental

Do you only use the machine occasionally and too little to make the investment profitable? Then short-term rental may be interesting to opt for. With rental you enjoy various advantages compared to purchase. Consider, for example, certainty in terms of expenses as a result of a fixed rental rate and the fact that you are not responsible for the maintenance costs. A single phone call is all it takes to start the rental and then cancel it when convenient.



Heavy diesel forklifts

The range of Kalmar diesel forklifts ranges in lifting capacities from 5,000 to 52,000 kg. The high quality and reliability makes Kalmar forklifts suitable for the most harsh conditions, such as the steel industry, timber industry and port logistics. The heavy-duty machines are suitable for demanding environments with long shifts. In such conditions, operator comfort is key to productivity. Kalmar understood that like no other.



Heavy electric forklifts

Where heavy-duty forklifts used to be synonymous with diesel-powered forklifts, this is certainly no longer a matter of course. Kalmar is a forerunner in the field of electrically powered forklifts and is making this sustainable alternative more widely available. With 2 series of heavy electric forklift trucks Kalmar offers lifting capacities from 5,000 to 18,000 kg. Kalmar's electric forklift trucks offer the best of both worlds: No noise and no harmful emissions, but the recognized robust quality and high ergonomics!



Tweedehands zware heftrucks

At companies where a forklift is not used day in and day out, a second-hand heavy forklift can also offer a good solution. Obviously it is important to look carefully at the quality of the used machine. Feyter Forklift Services draws on its own rental fleet for the range of used, heavy forklift trucks. These machines have always been maintained by specialized service technicians in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines.


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