About Meclift

Meclift has been founded in 1993 in Tampere, Finland. The company has a long history on logistical innovations and have introduced several unique solutions to the markets. Meclift is committed to assist companies Wherever efficient material handling is crucial, be it in loading, unloading or lifting of containers or pallet handling. Their patented, high technology is designed to handle cargo at ports, railroads, road transport and industrial factory grounds.

Meclift ML1812 compacte heavy-duty heftruck 01

Meclift compact heavy forklifts

Meclift’s line of heavy-duty forklifts – or Variable Reach Trucks – covers 18–42t lifting capacity. The machines are used in logistical operations, from loading and unloading containers to container handling, all of them as compact and agile solutions.

Meclift Variable Reach Trucks are unique machines from size and capacity point of view, which makes them superior compared to conventional forklift trucks.