Kalmar DCG 90-180

Lifting capacity 18.0 ton
Lift height 7.0 meter
With the Kalmar DCG medium range we offer top class products, concerning comfort, efficient fuel consume and smart handling thanks to many productivity-increasing features. These characteristics , together with the best quality , long lifetime and easy maintenance are giving you the base for an economic superior machine.
Choose between 13 models, lifting capacities from 9-18 ton.
Premium forklifts with worldwide recognized Kalmar quality.
Kalmar DCG forklifts are designed for maximum productivity and a minimum of costs; TCO is important and kalmar has the best results.

Tailored for your production

Given the Kalmar forklifts’ excellent adjustability, it’s no surprise customers are found in such diverse industries as paper and pulp, wood, steel, concrete, offshore – just to name a few.


The forklift can be equipped with any lifting equipment your business may require including pipe clamps, multiple-pallet handlers, coilrams or special tools.


The bottom line

The difference between finishing eleven instead of ten lifts in the same time may seem small. But looking over the year – or over the forklift’s lifetime – it translates into a lot of money. Just like the 15 percent less fuel consumption, which you will enjoy by operating the forklift in Kalmar’s proprietary Eco mode.


Worldwide recognized quality

With Kalmar we offer you a top class forklift, for heavy loads. Kalmar has for many decades a famous reputation in port handling and heavy industries. With more than 65.000 units in more than 140 countries, Kalmar is the biggest manufacturer for heavy load transportation. In port logistics, 25% of all container movements is done by a Kalmar machine product.

Focus on low Total Cost of Ownership

The philosophy of Kalmar is simple: Better performing machines and drivers will save money and time for your company. As for all Kalmar products counts that DCG90-180 models are constructed to perform during the lifetime of the machine at a maximum, and with costs-savings for the user or owner. The base for this comes from over 10.000 experienced  customers with these models.


Thanks to Kalmar’s focus on high quality components and production lines the result is a top quality product, which improves performance of the forklift and the driver to the maximum. For example, thanks to quality the uptime is very high, minimum downtime for maintenance, and thanks to the ergonomic cabin the driver will enjoy his work more, and stays fit until the end of the day.


Residual value of Kalmar products is extremely high, which improves the Total Cost of Ownership to the maximum.



Load Sensing hydraulic pump

The new variable hydraulic pump, adapts constantly the flow of oil, according the demand. Optimum oil flow results in better and faster operating and also the reduction of fuel consume (possible up to 40%).



Work console

All main working functions are integrated in the ergonomic console connected to the seat. The joystick works smoothly and with logic small movements.

The range of available options on Kalmar forklifts is very wide. Every machine can be made to the requirements and needs of the customer. Some examples.


G-Generation tailoring

Like any other part of your production system, your forklifts need to be customized to your operations. And there are many aspects to consider in order for them to perform optimally. Kalmar is globally renowned for its highly tailored forklifts. The DCG90-180 is no exception. Like its fellow Kalmar G generation machines, it comes with many customizable features.



Many Kalmar attachments

Kalmar offers many attachments for special operations. These attachments will be mounted in the factory and integrated with other functions of the forklift.



Reversible ventilator for dusty circumstances

This option will keep your radiator clean and protected against dust and dirt. Especially in circumstances like in wood industry.



180 Degrees turnable seat

Optional the cabin can be equipped with a 180 degrees turnable seat (like in terminal tractors). This option improves safety and ergonomy for the driver when big loads are transported, which disturb the view in front.The driver can drive backwards more comfortable.

Kalmar DCG 90-180


Kalmar DCG 90-180

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