Kalmar DCG180-520

Lifting capacity 52.0 ton
Lift height 7.0 meter
The heaviest forklift range of Kalmar offers you market leading machines for heavy and bulky loads. The excellent ergonomics and robust design results in safe and efficient working conditions. Safety is the no 1 priority, specially with loads up to 52 tons.
Premium forklifts with worldwide recognized reliability of Kalmar.
Both the Spirit Delta as well as the new EGO cabin offer leading ergonomics and an excellent view.
As RoRo forklift available up to 33 tons.

Only the best for the vital part of your logistics

Your forklift is a vital part of your logistics or production. In seamless interaction with a skilled operator, the forklift must meet your – and your customer’s – demands of product quality and delivery precision, throughout your terminal, factory or assembly line.


Looking at your forklifts in this light, the choice of brand will come naturally. Only the best is good enough. Kalmar is equally renowned for its robust and reliable product quality as for its global service network and supreme customer support.


Heavy forklift trucks are Kalmar territory since 1949 – making your material handling the strongest link in the logistic value chain.



Worldwide recognized quality

With Kalmar we offer you a top class forklift, for heavy loads. Kalmar has for many decades a famous reputation in port handling and heavy industries. With more than 65.000 units in more than 140 countries, Kalmar is the biggest manufacturer for heavy load transportation. In port logistics, 25% of all container movements is done by a Kalmar machine product.

4 good reasons to choose a Kalmar heavy forklift:


1. High productivity

Product quality, reliability and manoeuvring precision allow operators to work with maximum productivity.



2. Total cost of ownership

The philosophy of Kalmar is simple: Better performing machines and drivers will save money and time for your company. The purchasing price is only 1 aspect of the costs. As for all products counts that the heavy Kalmar DCF and DCG products are designed to reduce expenses during the entire lifetime of the machines.


Thanks to Kalmar’s focus on high quality components and production lines the result is a top quality product, which improves performance of the forklift and the driver to the maximum. For example, thanks to quality the uptime is very high, minimum downtime for maintenance, and thanks to the ergonomic cabin the driver will enjoy his work more, and stays fit through the day.


Residual value of Kalmar products is extremely high, which improves the Total Cost of Ownership to the maximum.


3. Ergonomics and safety

Operating a powerful forklift like these, demand high level of safety and related to that, high visibility for the driver. Both cabin models, Spirit delta and EGO are designed for that. The view at the load and also beside and behind the forklift is excellent.


Beside that, there are more options for safe working. The machines can be equipped for example with camera’s and sensors for maximum safety around


4. Trust and reliability

Kalmar is a trusted partner, present on all continents and with more than 1,500 service and support staff globally.

A wide range of options is available to assemble the correct forklift according to your needs and wishes. Some examples:


Wide range of attachments

Kalmar offers many attachments to make the forklift suitable for various operations. Attachments like for example integrated forkpositioner, inverted forks, coil ram, spreader for container etc, will be mounted in the factory and therefore integrated with all other functions of the forklift.



For onboard operations in vessels, with low decks, Kalmar offers the special range of RoRo forklifts with capacity 28-33 ton. With an overall height less than 3 meters, and free lift masts these forklifts are specially designed to work between decks of boats.

Kalmar DCG180-520


Kalmar DCG180-520

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