Kalmar DCG50-90

Lifting capacity 9.0 ton
Lift height 6.4 meter
Kalmar produces forklifts for the high quality demanding customer. The DCG 5-9 ton light range forklifts combine accuracy, optimum fuel consume and maximum comfort to give you the best conditions for fast, safe and economic handling of loads from 5 to 9 tonne.
10 models with lifting capacities varying from 5 to 9 tonne.
Premium forklifts with recognized Kalmar quality.
Market leading ergonomics for the driver.

A profitable investment

Given the Kalmar forklifts’ excellent adjustability, it’s no surprise customers are found in such diverse industries as paper and pulp, wood, steel, concrete, offshore – just to name a few. The forklift can be equipped with any lifting equipment your business may require including pipe clamps, multiple-pallet handlers, coilrams or special tools.


Kalmar has one big advantage when it comes to manufacturing lightweight industrial forklifts. Unlike most competitors, Kalmar has an unmatched tradition with high-capacity forklifts. They have put the experiences from these demanding applications into the design of the DCG50-90 forklifts. There is no better uptime guarantee. 


The bottom line

The difference between finishing eleven instead of ten lifts in the same time may seem small. But looking over the year – or over the forklift’s lifetime – it translates into a lot of money. Just like the 15 percent less fuel consumption, which you will enjoy by operating the forklift in Kalmar’s proprietary Eco mode.


Worldwide recognized quality

With Kalmar we offer you a top class forklift, for heavy loads. Kalmar has for many decades a famous reputation in port handling and heavy industries. With more than 65.000 units in more than 140 countries, Kalmar is the biggest manufacturer for heavy load transportation. In portlogistics, 25% of all container movements is done by a Kalmar machine product.

10 models with lifting capacities varying from 5 to 9 tonne.
Premium forklifts with recognized Kalmar quality.
Market leading ergonomics for the driver.

Modern EGO cabin

Even the most advanced forklift is only half a forklift without a healthy and motivated driver. The many ergonomic and safety features implemented in Kalmar’s EGO cabin – which comes as standard with the DCG50-90 – allow operators to perform at their best.


Stepping into the cabin, you will immediately notice the exceptionally good view diagonally, forward and backward. Curved, and with no side-posts, the large front-view window provides perfect, unobstructed view of the work area. No more constantly changing positions to get a clear view from the cabin.



Smoother service and higher resale value

Fewer unplanned stoppages, faster maintenance and repairs and longer service intervals combine to increase the forklift’s total productive time, while lowering life-cycle costs. In fact, your DCG50-90 will continue to save you money even after it’s through serving you. Like a premium car brand, your Kalmar will have the highest resale value in the forklift market.



Productivity and savings

We say, your forklifts are absolutely business critical. Or, at least they should be. If you produce or handle heavy industrial products, you need to ensure your forklifts run smoothly, around the clock. It will show favorably on your bottom line.



Wide range of heavy duty attachments

The forklift can be equipped with any lifting equipment your business may require including pipe clamps, multiple-pallet handlers, coilrams or special tools.



Safety features

Safety has always been a Kalmar trademark and the new electric truck is no exception. It will meet, and exceed, any safety regulation that may apply in your local market.

G-Generation tailoring

Like any other part of your production system, your forklifts need to be customized to your operations. And there are many aspects to consider in order for them to perform optimally. Kalmar is globally renowned for its highly tailored forklifts. The DCG50-90 is no exception. Like its fellow Kalmar G generation machines, it comes with many customizable features.



Tailored operator environment

Customizing your forklift is not just about ordering factory delivered features. It’s also about being able to adapt the driver’s operational environment using, for example, adjustable seat, levers and settings. Need we say that no other forklift brand is as adaptable to different driver requirements?

Kalmar DCG50-90


Kalmar DCG50-90

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