Terberg YT tractors

Lifting capacity 36.0 ton
The Terberg YT yard tractors are designed for shunting trailers in distribution centers, depots and container terminals. The spacious and comfortable cabin offers the driver excellent visibility. The internal door combines safety with convenience. The YT yard tractors are equipped with a 4x2 drive. The combination weight (GCW) is max. 115 tons; the fifth wheel has a lifting capacity of max. 36 tons. Unlike the RT series, the YT tractors have a fixed forward facing seat.

Feyter Iberia has a large rental fleet with used Terberg YT and RT tractors. If you occasionally need an (extra) terminal tractor, for example during a peak period in your work, hiring a machine will be the most interesting. Feyter always has machines available for short-term rental. Do you need a machine for large-scale use all year round? Then buying a tractor is an interesting option. After all, you pay the lowest price over the long term. However, if you do not want to make a big call on your budget in one go, take a look at all the possibilities for leasing, including maintenance or exclusive maintenance, if desired.
Prices for rental and sales on request
Many models and capacities, always a machine that suits your needs.
The comfortable, spacious cabin takes out the best from the driver.
Feyter Iberia offers a large number of used Terberg Terminal Tractors

Trendsetter Terberg

The family owned Dutch company Terberg started already in 1869 and has specialised in production and development of Terminal, Yard and RoRo tractors.  The Terberg tractors are mainly used in ports, logistics and industry.


Terberg is a  trendsetter in this niche market and adapts continuously to new demands and develops  innovative solutions . The high quality products, and high level after sales organisation , have made Terberg one of the biggest players in this market, active in more than 100 countries.



New and used Terberg terminal tractors

Feyter Iberia is official partner for Terberg terminal tractors as a part of Feyter Forklift Services. We own a large number of machines, new and used terminal tractors, available for short-term rental, long-term leasing and sale.



All the newest techniques

The new generation vehicles typifies themselves by use of modern electronics, software, energy saving measures (start/stop system, electronic airco) and alternative traction sources, like the new full electrical driven tractor. The software for CAN-bus systems is made “in house” and built up in modular systems.


Stepping into the cabin, you will immediately notice the exceptionally good view diagonally, forward and backward. Curved, and with no side-posts, the large front-view window provides perfect, unobstructed view of the work area. No more constantly changing positions to get a clear view from the cabin.

Terberg YT Specifications


Model Terberg YT182 Terberg YT222
Driveline 4 x 2 4 x 2
GCW * 75 tonne (70 tonne)   90 tonne
Engine ** Cummins B6.7-129 kW Stage V  Cummins B6.7 - 168 kW Stage V
Transmission ** Allison 3000 (4/5F-1R) Allison 3000 (4/5F-1R)
Front axle capacity 10 tonne @20 km/h 11 tonne @20 km/h
Rear axle capacity 38 tonne @20 km/h 38 tonne @20 km/h
5th wheel   Terberg cast steel plate 2" Terberg cast steel plate 2"
5th wheel capacity 36 tonne 36 tonne
5th wheel lifting capacity        up to 27 tonne (up to 31 t) up to 27 tonne (up to 31 t)
Lowest 5th wheel height 939 mm (27 t) 1055 mm (31 t) 939 mm (27 t) 1055 mm (31 t)
Seat Forward facing Forward facing


* Ratings depend on operating conditions, etc.

** Other driveline components are available.

Patented SafeNeck

The connection between rolltrailers and a Terminal tractor is made usually made by a gooseneck. As an option, Terberg developed the patented Safeneck to profit to the maximum of the capacity of the terminal tractor. The safeneck realises a much lower gravity center,  which increases safety, and increases capacity of the trailer up to 250%, comparing with a normal gooseneck.


Other options:

  • Automated greasing system
  • Airconditioning
  • LED lighting
  • Heated mirrors
  • Logical Steering
  • Longer wheelbase
  • Pneumatic door
  • And many more...


Terberg YT tractors


Terberg YT tractors

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