Rental and lease

Financing solutions


Not only does Feyter offer the hardware, but we also think along in the various forms of financing. We have extensive experience in made-to-measure leasing contracts. For instance, large scale sale-and-lease-back operations. Just a temporarily need of equipment? Then rental may be the best solution for you! Read more about it on this page.



Fast anticipation on peak periods

Owning machines costs money. Therefore it’s a waste when they are not continuously in use. Instead of buying extra machinery, it is sometimes a better solution to rent in order to cope with (seasonal) peaks in your business! With short term rental you can have the correct machine that you need at a certain moment, Perfect to absorb peak moments in your operations.

Feyter has an extensive fleet of forklifts, telehandlers, reachstackers and terminal tractors. Ready to be added to your material handling fleet for temporarily hire. Work finished? Just cancel the rent immediately without any cancellation period.


Financial Flexible

Through renting you are not touching your own financials. No investments or long term agreements. Amortisation, interest, maintenance costs and  insurance, all is covered in the rental fee. And this is tax deductable.



No investment; payment per month

You need a handling machine, but you prefer to keep the money for investment available for use in your daily operations? Then leasing is an interesting option. You will pay a fixed monthly rate according an agreed duration, without big investments.

We offer 2 kinds of lease: Financial Leasing and Operational Leasing. Or in other words: lease with or without service agreements.


Financial Lease

With Financial Leasing you choose to be responsible for expenses like maintenance and service. You only pay the financial part monthly. Characteristics of Financial Lease:

  • Maintenance and repairs are not included.

  • On balance duty, like a purchase for the whole investment amount.

  • You are economical owner.

  • Probably you will have fiscal benefits.


Operational Lease

Operational lease will give you the most security. Expenses for maintenance and repairs will be included in the monthly fee. You will not be the owner of the machine, financing off balance. At the end of the contract you can choose to replace the machine, buy it, or continue leasing for a new period. Characteristics of Operational Lease:

  • Maintenance and repairs are included in monthly lease fee.

  • BMWT safety inspection is included.

  • Off balance financing.

  • Your choice to buy, continue or replace after the leasing period.



Beside mentioned lease options feyter Forklift Services can offer you a sale and lease back construction for your fleet ( whole or partly). In this option we will buy your machines, rent or lease them back to you, and renew the ones that need to be renewed. Like this you can use the capital invested in the machines  for your own  core business, and we will take the responsibility for  the investment, maintenance and a high quality fleet of machines.