Terberg terminal tractors

With Terberg terminal tractors, we offer you various tractors for various applications. For transport in ports, industry, distribution centers, etc. We distinguish the YT and RT series.

Although the basic designs are standardized, every Terberg terminal tractor can be adapted in many ways to the wishes of the customer. There are various options for the engine, gearbox and axles to optimize the tractor for your application. In addition, you can choose parts that your maintenance workshop is familiar with.


Terberg YT terminal tractor

Terberg YT tractors

Terberg's 4x2 powered YT yard tractors are designed for transporting sea containers and other heavy loads at port terminals and shunting trailers in distribution centers and depots. The YT tractors have a comfortable, spacious cabin with an ergonomic, fixed driver's seat.



Terberg introduced its latest generation of YT tractors at the end of 2019. This new series is designed for the future and suitable for every drive technology: Stage 5 certified diesel engines, electric drive and - a little later - hydrogen / fuel cell drive trains. In addition, the tractors also form the new basis for Terberg's automated AutoTUG system.

Terberg RT tractors

The RT tractors have been designed by Terberg for RoRo applications in ports. The powerful 4x4 drive makes these machines ideal for steep slopes and heavy-duty circumstances.



Characteristic of these tractors are the robust design, the Ergoturn 180 degree swivel seat and the comfortable, spacious cabin. These properties make Terberg RT tractors suitable for work in demanding conditions. For that reason, the RT is also loved in the industry.

Terberg RT tractor

About Terberg

The Terberg family business has existed since 1869. At the time, it was founded by Johannes Bernardus Terberg and now with the 4th generation at the helm. Over the years, the Dutch company has specialized in the production of Terminal, RoRo and Yard Trekkers. The Terberg products are mainly used in ports, logistics and industry. As a trendsetter in this market, Terberg constantly responds to customer demand with innovative solutions and high-quality products. The high quality and careful after-sales have made Terberg a major international player, active in more than 120 countries.