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With increasing trade volumes, stricter environmental legislation and rising costs, port terminals are under increasing pressure to expand their operations while improving efficiency and sustainability.

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Our port logistics solutions:

  • Reach stackers
  • Empty container handlers
  • Terminal tractors
  • Heavy duty forklifts
  • Straddle Carriers
  • Skid Steer Loaders
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The reachstacker is the most interesting container handling machine for especially the small and medium-sized terminals. With a reachstacker loaded containers can easily and quickly been transported at the terminal and stacked up to 6 high. Due to multiple row access – even up to 4 rows – the terminals’ storage capacity can be increased

With Kalmar we offer a wide range of top notch reachstackers which excel in comfort, efficiency and reliability. Diesel driven, but also available in a fully electrical alternative.

Kalmar Empty Container Handler 04

Empty Container Handler

With our offering of Kalmar empty container handlers you can choose from a range of single container stackers. With 8, 9, 10 and 11 tonnes lifting capacities and a range of stacking heights from 4 to 8-high. Double container stackers are also available with 10 and 11 tonnes lifting capacities, with stacking heights from 4+1 to 8+1-high. To meet your specific container handling needs the Kalmar empty handlers are available with a wide selection of drive lines and performance levels.

Empty Handlers product overview
Terberg RT terminal tractor in port RoRo logistics

Terminal tractors

With the Terminal Tractors from Dutch manufacturer Terberg we offer you a large number of different tractors for transport in ports, industry, distribution centers, and more. Terberg produces an extensive line of extremely reliable tractors for a wide range of applications. Although the basic designs are standardized, every Terberg terminal tractor can be adapted in many ways to the wishes of the customer. There are various options for the engine, gearbox and axles to optimize the tractor for your business. You can also choose those parts that your maintenance workshop is familiar with.

The tractors are divided into 2 series: RT and YT. The Terberg RT tractors are specifically designed for port applications with their rugged design, 4×4 drive and 180-degree rotatable driver’s seat – for easy forward and reverse travel. These specifications make the machine a favorite in the industry too. The RT is available as a RoRo version for work on board ships.

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Heavy duty forklifts

ComCombilift Straddle Carrier Tilting Containerbilift Straddle Carrier Tilting Container

Combilift Straddle Carriers

Kovaco Elise 900 Elektrische Schranklader binnenvaart schip

Skid steer loaders

Servicemonteur Feyter Forklift Services

Technical Care

We know you’re in a business where it’s crucial that everything is as efficient as it can be. Every detail, every second of your operations. Unexpected delays can be disastrous, while every gain in efficiency and reliability can make a huge difference to your business. This is why we offer a highly specialised technical service, to make sure your business never stops. Feyter Forklift Services can fully manage and provide service and support for your handling equipment, including machines of any other brand. You get maximum availability, reduced risk and a flexible and skilled service partner.

Maintenance & Parts