Rent, buy or lease

When you need a forklift, warehouse truck, telehandler, container handler or any other handling machine, you have the choice to buy, rent or lease it. Purchasing a machine for your intralogistics is a considerable investment, but of course afterwards you are done for years to come. But what if you prefer not to spend that much money. Then both rental and lease are excellent alternatives. Which of these is most interesting depends entirely on your business situation, wishes and needs.

Why rent a machine?

Owning machines costs money. Therefore it’s a waste when machines are not operational all of the time. Instead of buying extra machinery, it is sometimes a better solution to rent in order to cope with (seasonal) peaks in your business! Feyter Forklift Services has an extensive combined fleet of forklifts, telehandlers, reachstackers, terminal tractors, …. All ready to be added to your material handling fleet for temporarily hire.

Why buying a machine?

If you choose to buy the machine, for example a forklift, you are the owner immediately. You will not have to deal with interest. And as an owner, you may have several tax benefits. For example, you may benefit from investment deduction and depreciation and interest are deductible.

But there are also disadvantages to purchasing your equipment. Obviously it’s quite an investment and you can only spend the money once. Therefore it’s not always wise to lock your capital in one machine. It could be interesting to have a look at the benefits of leasing a machine.

Why lease a machine?

When you don’t prefer to do a large investment in one go, or if you rather want to limit the risks, then you can opt for leasing your new equipment. In fact, leasing is a combination of buying and renting. We distinguish 2 kinds of lease: financial lease and operational lease. In both cases you pay for the machine with a fixed amount per month, which is partly repayment and partly interest. If you opt for operational lease, the costs for inspections and maintenance are included as well. At the end of the lease term, which can vary from 36 to 72 months, the machine is all yours, at least if you opt for a financial lease.