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Logistics and distribution

Logistics is all about maximum efficiency in the transport, storage and transhipment of goods. In today’s world where both businesses and consumers expect their ordered products to be delivered the next morning, reliability and speed are paramount. You must be able to rely on smooth logistical process. Therefore robust machines, high-quality maintenance and rapid resolution of malfunctions are crucial.

Marco Stapel Feyter Forklift Services

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Marco Stapel

Accountmanager Light Equipment Division

It's all about reliability

The material handling machines used most in logistics are electric pallet trucks, forklift trucks, reach trucks and narrow aisle trucks. As a partner for many Logistics & Distibution companies we offer all of these machines as well as related products like warehouse fixtures, safety barriers, etcetera.

But no matter which machines your business needs, the most important thing is that they are reliable. When they break down, they form an obstacle in the process resulting in delays, longer delivery times and immediately dissatisfied customers.

Our portfolio is formed by our dealerships of Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks as well as CAT Lift Trucks. With these brands we offer over 150 different forklifts and warehouse machines of the absolute highest quality.


Mitsubishi Elektrische Heftruck EDIA EX In De Logistiek

Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks

Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks has been at the forefront of material handling development for more than 25 years. The range of machines includes forklift trucks, reachtrucks, orderpickers and pallet trucks. Their machines can be found at companies all over the world and perform under the most demanding logistics work in various industries.

The use of sustainable materials and intelligent engine management systems extend the life of every truck and limit the need of maintenance.

Cat Elektrische Heftruck EP25 35 In De Logistiek

CAT Lift Trucks

A well-known name with recognized quality! Feyter Forklift Services is official supplier and service partner of CAT Lift Trucks. And we are proud of that. CAT is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial equipment. With over 50 years of experience in the material handling industry, they have developed a complete range of robust, efficient and performance-enhancing lift trucks to ensure your operations are carried out efficiently, safely and smoothly.


We often see that the customer base of our clients changes regularly. As a result, the logistical processes often change as well. That’s why flexibility is crucial. You must always be able to rely on the right material handling machines to support your processes.

At Feyter Forklift Services we understand this like no other and we are happy to offer solutions that provide this flexibility. This is possible, for example, by opting for long-term rental or leasing of your machinery instead of buying it. By aligning the lease term with your contracts, the option remains to change machinery when needed.

Peak seasons? Make use of our rental fleet

It’s something we often see in logistics: Peak seasons are a key challenge for many businesses. For weeks it can be relatively quiet, while a few weeks later the demand is more than doubled with the need for a larger number of forklifts to meet this demand.

In such cases, a seasonal forklift rental can often be the right solution for handling these challenges of increased volume. We are happy to facilitate and think along with you in all the possibilities.

With our extensive fleet of rental machines we always have additional forklifts available at short notice.

Mitsubishi Reachtruck Voor Magazijnen RB16 25

Efficient use of available space

The more storage space that can be generated the better. When the warehouse threatens to become too small, two options are often considered: Building a new warehouse or expanding the current warehouse. But often additional storage space can also be realized by arranging the existing space in a more efficient way. The type of internal transport that is used plays a decisive role in this.

For example, a reach truck uses the available space much more efficiently than a ‘normal’ electric forklift. A narrow aisle truck or articulated forklift is even more efficient. Both the latter machines can work in an aisle width of about 1.8 to 2 meters. When the width of aisles can be reduced it generates extra space for placing warehouse rackings.

Every situation is different and we are happy to advise. Just contact us if you aim to make your  logistics more efficient.

Mitsubishi Orderpicking Trucks VELIA ES3

Order picking

Do employees not only move full pallets in your warehouse, but is there a need to pick individual orders as well? Depending on the exact situation, you can choose Mitsubishi order pickers for low, medium or high heights of up to 12 meters.

Magazijn Palletstellingen

Warehouse rackings

As a supplier of forklift and warehouse trucks as well as warehouse rackings, Feyter Forklift Services is your partner for a complete solution to achieve the most efficient use of your warehouse. We can offer any type of racking, whether it concerns pallet rackings, cantilever rackings, drive-in rackings or any other kind. Or even storey floors (mezzanine floors).

With our collision protection products we always take the safety of both people and equipment into account when offering a warehouse plan.