Kalmar Reachstackers

Lifting capacity 45.0 ton
Lift height 15.0 meter
With Kalmar reach stackers for container handling, you benefit from superior productivity combined with low operating and maintenance costs. The latest generation of Kalmar DRG reachstackers, also known as Gloria, offer a market leading Total Cost of Ownership, maximum driver comfort and high environmental performance.

Feyter Forklift Services is an official partner of Kalmar. With the Swedish top brand, combined with our impeccable service whereby we can even realize a pop-up workshop at your location, we aim to offer you the most reliable solution in the field of Heavy Handling.

Do you need a reachstacker? Are you looking for a partner for the maintenance of your reachstacker? With us you are at the right place. We are happy to work with you to find out what is best in your business situation: buying, leasing or renting, whether or not in combination with a maintenance contract for maximum reliability. Request a free quote or drop by our branches in Vlissingen or Terneuzen.
Rental and sales prices on request
With 28 models always a machine that perfectly fits your demands.
The Kalmar reachstackers are developed for maximum up-time and minimum Total Cost of Ownership
Longer service intervals result in higher productivity.

Decennia of experience with container handling


The DRG model of Kalmar continuous on the experience with the previous and famous DRF models. With these models Kalmar received for many years the confidence from terminal operators worldwide. Because of incredibly performance, productivity, reliability and economical lifetime.


The new DRG 'Gloria' reachstacker is the result of all the years of experience Kalmar has gathered ever since they pioneered the world’s first commercial reachstacker, combined with extensive testing with operators, maintenance personnel and production and terminal managers around the world



Used Kalmar Reachstackers

Feyter offers an extensive fleet of high quality, used Kalmar Reachstackers. Directly available for rental and sales. As an official Kalmar partner with over three decades of experience, we are known as a true expert. 


With Kalmar reachstackers for container handling you will profit from superior productivity in combination with low operational and maintenance costs.

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With Kalmar we offer the industry’s widest equipment portfolio, with models for every application.


  • Container handling

Power plus precision equals productivity. With Kalmar’s reachstackers for container handling you benefit from superior usability, comfort, and safety combined with low operating and maintenance costs. The new-generation Gloria reachstacker is a reliable, durable solution that offers market-leading total cost of ownership, operator comfort, and environmental performance.



  • Intermodal handling

Kalmar reachstackers for intermodal handling give you the power, speed and precision you need for efficient operations. Our flexible equipment solutions are easily adapted to the wide variety of handling tasks common in modern intermodal terminals.



  • Industrial handling

Kalmar reachstackers are the reliable and flexible choice for a wide range of applications, including wind energy, steel, heavy lifting or any other type of handling. Our reachstackers for industrial handling are designed to improve the efficiency and safety of any lifting task. The freedom allowed  by the lifting equipment; boom and various attachment options and its rotation possibilities, makes it easy for the driver to improve the work efficiency of the unit.


The global wind market is growing significantly and the demand for logistic solutions has greatly increased. The transport of the hubs, blades, towers and nacelles is extremely difficult because of their size, shape and weight. Handling is a core issue of cost and time and increasing volumes require even more efficient solutions.The goal for Kalmar is to provide cost effective lifting equipment for each part in the logistic chain, from production unit to installation site and from raw material to ready components.


An elevation in uptime

The previous Generation F reachstacker from Kalmar, already a leader in uptime, has finally met its match. With the Generation G, Kalmar has managed to boost performance again. With improved operator interfaces and newly designed integrated components. Under the hood, the DRG has taken a big leap forward in component integration and construction. The result is simplified maintenance, fewer faults and a major increase in service intervals.



Modern EGO cabin

Even the most advanced forklift is only half a forklift without a healthy and motivated driver. The many ergonomic and safety features implemented in Kalmar’s EGO cabin – which comes as standard with the DCG50-90 – allow operators to perform at their best.


Stepping into the cabin, you will immediately notice the exceptionally good view diagonally, forward and backward. Curved, and with no side-posts, the large front-view window provides perfect, unobstructed view of the work area. No more constantly changing positions to get a clear view from the cabin.



ECO drive modes

Do you strive to fuel consume reduction, or do you want to fulfill to the stronger emission regulations? Or both? With Kalmar DRG you make a big step forward. With a big number of smart functions the driver has all the tools to reduce fuel consume. A good example are the Eco Drive Modes. With the 3 choices the driver can choose for maximum power or economic working, with proven fuel reduction up to 20%.



Productivity and savings

We say, your forklifts are absolutely business critical. Or, at least they should be. If you produce or handle heavy industrial products, you need to ensure your forklifts run smoothly, around the clock. It will show favorably on your bottom line.



Safety features

Safety has always been a Kalmar trademark and the new electric truck is no exception. It will meet, and exceed, any safety regulation that may apply in your local market.

Kalmar DRG Reachstacker specifications


Download the Kalmar brochure with all standard and optional specifications of the Kalmar DRG reachstacker series.


With 28 models always a machine that perfectly fits with your demands.
The Kalmar reachstackers are developed for maximum up-time and minimum Total Cost of Ownership.
The Kalmar reachstackers operate, beside container handling, perfectly in industrial operations.
Longer service intervals result in higher productivity.
The big availability of options makes it possible to adjust the reachstacker perfectly to your demands.

Some examples of the wide range of options on Kalmar reachstackers:


K-Motion: Up to 40% less consume and emissions

An enormous reduction on fuel consume without reducing productivity, sounds contradictory, but with the K-motion reachstackers it is reality!  This new transmission combines hydrostatic and mechanic technology. It allows to use a lighter engine with maximum 1700 rpm. The combination results in an incredible efficient driveline which reduces TCO to maximum.



Personal Proximity System and Reverse Aid System

Various options concerning safety around the reachstacker are available. The Personal Proximity System detects persons in the neighbourhood within  a 20 m. circle,  and will reduce the speed of the machine. The Reverse Aid System combines sensors and a camera to assist the driver when driving backwards.



Tire pressure  monitoring

Small variations in tire pressure can cause big  wear on tires and fuel consume. The Tire Pressure Monitoring system shows permanently to the driver the actual pressure of the tires, so he can take action when necessary.

Kalmar Reachstackers


Kalmar Reachstackers

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