Meclift ML1812R

Lifting capacity 18.0 ton
Lift height 6.0 meter
Putting heavy loads into a container has always been a struggle, but with Meclift forklifts we have the solution! This compact machine can be driven into a container to load heavy cargo up to 18 tonne.

Feyter Forklift Services is official, exclusive distributor for Spain and Netherlands for the Finnish quality products of Meclift.
Extremely compact, ideal for loading containers
Multifunctional with a wide range of attachments
Finnish high quality and robust forklifts

Loading heavy cargo in confined spaces

Feyter Forklift Services is always committed to provide state-of-the-art, innovative solutions for material handling that help improve productivity, cost efficiency and safety. With the distributorship of Meclift we can now offer forklifts up to 18 tonnes with the unique possibility to operate inside containers. The MecLift ML1812R is a truly unique, multipurpose machine. It moves swiftly in confined spaces, such as in buildings and on cargo vessels. In addition to the heavy cargo lifting, ML1812R is perfect for practically any other material handling needs.



About Meclift

Meclift has been founded in 1993 in Tampere, Finland. The company has a long history on logistical innovations and have introduced several unique solutions to the markets. Meclift is committed to assist companies Wherever efficient material handling is crucial, be it in loading, unloading or lifting of containers or pallet handling. Their patented, high technology is designed to handle cargo at ports, railroads, road transport and industrial factory grounds.

Wide range of attachments


Different kinds of Meclift attachments and many available options increase opportunities for using one Meclift machine for multiple purposes. That means less machinery on your yard which results in less operational costs, less fuel consumption, more open space and improved safety:


Coil ram

Equipped with a heavy duty coil ram, the Meclift forklift is a superior solutions for handling large and heavy steel coils. Coils with a weight of up to 18 tonne can be put in a container.


Lifting beam

The Meclift forklift can be equipped with a lifting beam in order to handle extra-long loads. Like for example steel plates, tubes or beams.



For maximum control over coils, the Meclift C-Hook is an ideal attachment for the steel industry. With this C-Hook you can rotate the coil 360 degrees and tilt 64 degrees.


Double forks

Equipped with double forks system the efficiency is enlarged as multiple pallets can be handled at once.

Meclift ML1812R


Meclift ML1812R

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