11 Kalmar container handlers at DR Depots

Products: Kalmar Reachstacker & Kalmar Empty Container Handlers

Klant: DR Depots

Industry: Container terminal

Location: Rotterdam

Empty container handler bij DR Depots

Following a longterm partnership in the field of technical maintenance, DR Depots and Feyter Forklift Services signed an agreement in mid-2020 for the delivery of 10 new Kalmar container handlers: Nine empty container handlers and one reach stacker. Three of the empty container handlers are deployed at the DR Depots terminal in Antwerp, all other machines in Rotterdam. With a Kalmar reach stacker already present in Rotterdam, DR Depots has 11 Kalmar container handlers in operation nowadays.


The container handlers at DR Depots are equipped with numerous optional functions that increase comfort ánd safety. After all, high productivity is inextricably linked with driver comfort and a safe working environment.

The Kalmar empty container handlers all have a so-called "Hook and Side Clamp Spreader", with which 2 containers can be picked up at the same time and containers can be stacked up to 8 high. Automatic spreader positioning for 20', 30', 40' foot containers guarantees significant time savings when handling different container sizes during the day.

Other options make the cab a comfortable workplace for the operators, enabling them to get the most out of themselves and the machine. The Kalmar cab is already exceptionally ergonomic as standard. The optional air-suspensioned and heated seat, the EGO joystick and electronic climate control further enhance comfort.

For safe and reliable work, the machines are equipped with a reversing camera, Kalmar Drive Speed ​​Limiter System - a standard adjusted speed limit of 19 km/h and 10 km/h when driving 2 containers at the same time - and additional LED work lights.



Video: DR Depots Rotterdam

In May, we took our camera's to the depot in Rotterdam to shoot some footage of DR Depots' container handling machines. Watch the video on our Youtube channel!



Why DR Depots chooses Feyter

At the base for DR Depots' choice to purchase their new container handlers from Feyter Forklift Services lies a long-standing collaboration in the field of maintenance and repairs. Before the Kalmar machines, DR Depots had machines from another manufacturer, with which it experienced some ongoing malfunctions. Depot manager Cees Hendriks: "The reason for choosing Feyter was the good performance in the field of technical support. Where the supplier of our previous machines failed, Feyter tackled the problems well. That creates a bond and trust."



About DR Depots

With container depots in both Rotterdam and Antwerp, the 2 largest ports in Europe, DR Depots has a total of 365,000 square meters of storage space. This allows storage of 20,000 TEU (Twenty foot Equivalent Unit)  in Rotterdam and 25,000 TEU in Antwerp, stacked up to a maximum of 8 containers high.


But DR Depots does more than just store containers, says Cees Hendriks. "The core business of DR Depots includes checking, transhipment and repair of containers. Both in Antwerp and Rotterdam." DR Depots was founded in 1980 with the original purpose of repairing and cleaning containers.


    At the extensive cleaning facilities in both Antwerp and Rotterdam, DR Depots is able to clean many containers simultaneously according to high industry standards. The depot in Rotterdam has a cleaning area large enough to clean up to 65 container units at the same time. The Pre-Trip Inspection (PTI) area accommodates more than 110 reefer connection points in Rotterdam and 100 in Antwerp, giving specialists direct access to arrange maintenance and repair of reefer containers.

    Kalmar empty container handlers bij DR Depots
    Kalmar Reachstacker bij DR Depots
    Kalmar empty container handlers bij DR Depots
    Kalmar empty container handlers bij DR Depots
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