Kalmar ECO Reachstackers

Lifting capacity 45.0 ton
Lift height 15.0 meter
Following the rising fuel costs and tighter emission standards, you need a solution that is "Lean and Green" while still maintaining the highest level of operational productivity. The Kalmar ECO Reachstacker offers you an eco-efficient solution that is guaranteed to consume significantly less fuel than other reachstackers. Reduce costs and emissions while improving your environmental reputation.

Feyter Forklift Services is an official dealer of Kalmar Reachstackers. With the Swedish top brand in our range, combined with our impeccable service whereby we can even realize a pop-up workshop at your location, we aim to offer you the most reliable solution in the field of Heavy Handling.

Do you need a Reachstacker? Are you looking for a partner for the maintenance of your Reachstacker(s) or other heavy handling equipment? We are happy to work with you to find out what is best in your business situation: buying, leasing or renting, whether or not in combination with a maintenance contract for maximum reliability. Request a free quote or drop by our branches in Vlissingen or Terneuzen.
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The ECO Reach Stacker offers guaranteed cost savings


By knowing exactly what your monthly fuel costs will be, you have a higher level of financial predictability. Kalmar is happy to help its customers with this and they do so in a very concrete way: by offering a fuel savings guarantee with every Eco Reachstacker.


The Kalmar Eco Reachstacker offers you an eco-efficient solution that has a positive impact on your company's finances. The machine consumes up to 40% less fuel than older machines and 25% less than more recent machines. This reduces your fuel costs and CO2 emissions, while maintaining productivity.



Fuel savings guarantee

With a pre-agreed and fixed fuel consumption, based on extensive data and a series of agreed statistics, you have full control over your variable fuel costs. Should the fuel consumption exceed the guaranteed fuel consumption, Kalmar will reimburse the extra fuel costs with a one-off payment.


Kalmar's Fuel Savings Guarantee scheme also includes specialized training for drivers to help them get the most out of the machine. You connect to Kalmar Insight, which allows you to track your Reachstacker, monitor costs and take immediate action to optimize operational efficiency. This will help significantly reduce your cost per moved container.


Guaranteed to cut costs

Your Eco Reach Stacker is guaranteed to consume less fuel, saving you significant fuel. This reduction in fuel costs also lowers your cost per action, strengthening your competitive position in this competitive market.



Used reachstackers

At our location in Vlissingen-Oost we have a large stock of used Kalmar DRF and DRG reachstackers and heavy forklift trucks. You can find our current stock of used machines on this website.


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About Kalmar

Decades of experience with container handling

The DRG series from Kalmar builds on the experiences with the renowned DRF series. With this, Kalmar has had the confidence of terminal operators worldwide for many years because of its high performance in terms of productivity, reliability and economic lifespan.


With Kalmar we offer you an absolute A-brand for container handling. The Swedish producer has been a big player for decades, especially in ports and heavy industry. With over 65,000 machines in more than 160 countries, Kalmar is the world's largest manufacturer of material handling equipment. In terms of market share in port logistics, a quarter of all containers moved around the world are moved using a Kalmar machine.



Official Kalmar partner

Feyter Forklift Services has a special position when it comes to Kalmar reach stackers and forklift trucks. We are one of the few official dealers of Kalmar outside the Cargotec network. We assist customers throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain (through Feyter Iberia) for rental and maintenance contracts.

Features of the Kalmar ECO reachstackers


Focus on low costs

Kalmar's philosophy is simple: Better performing machines and drivers save your company money and time. As with the forklift trucks, the reachstackers are designed to achieve cost savings over the entire service life of the machine. Thanks to Kalmar's focus on the high quality of its machines, the reachstacker and driver performance is boosted. A high "uptime" ensures maximum productivity and minimal costs for breakdowns and maintenance. A comfortable cabin allows the driver to maximize performance. All this, but also the high residual value of Kalmar after your period of use, ensure that the Total Cost of Ownership is lower than with the competitors.



Fuel savings guarantee

Knowing exactly what your fuel costs will be each month will give you greater financial predictability. That is why Kalmar offers a fuel guarantee with each of its ECO reachstackers. With an agreed and fixed level of fuel consumption, based on a range of agreed metrics for your cargo handling driving cycle, you have complete control over your fuel costs. The fuel guarantee also includes driver training and your machine is connected to Kalmar Insight, a versatile tool for managing fleet performance.



High comfort cabin

In all features of the DRG reachstackers you will find improvements that increase efficiency - not least in the cabin. With a panoramic view, intuitive arrangement of functions, proactive monitoring and a comfortable seat designed for long shifts and demanding conditions. It brings out the best in every driver. 



Improved driving experience

Improving the working environment and safety of your drivers is very important as it will improve their productivity and will prevent accidents. With the enhanced driving experience of the ECO Reachstacker, your drivers will feel more in control with smoother acceleration and safer with less cabin noise and emissions. Responsive braking and steering systems, combined with improved joystick control, will accelerate operation together.



Ease of operations

Kalmar Reachstackers are very easy to drive, partly because their smart programming often does the job for the driver. Drivers do not need to adjust the control program to their liking to achieve the desired lifting and handling speeds, nor will they have to continuously hold and lower the brake pedal while lifting while the machine is stationary. The various smart functions ensure a reduced tension and stress on the body.

De Kalmar ECO Reachstacker zorgt voor een brandstofreductie tot wel 40%
Ook de CO2 uitstoot wordt tot wel 40% gereduceerd
De machine produceert significant minder lawaai, wat prettig is voor de bestuurder en de omgeving
Hoog comfort met de inmiddels geroemde EGO cabine van de Kalmar DRG serie
De aandrijving is bijzonder soepel, wat stress en druk op het lichaam van de bestuurder minimaliseert

Kalmar ECO Reachstacker Specifications


Download the PDF brochure of the Kalmar ECO Reachstackers below.

Options Kalmar ECO reachstackers


A selection from the wide range of options on the Kalmar ECO reachstackers:


  • Start / Stop function
    The optional start / stop function automatically activates and deactivates the machine. In addition to reducing unnecessary emissions and extending component life, this feature provides up to 10% fuel savings.


  • Speed limit system
    The Kalmar Drive Speed ​​Limitation System automatically limits the speed at which the machine can be operated. The goal can be to prevent unnecessary wear, but of course also to reduce fuel consumption.


  • Tire pressure monitoring
    Small variations in tire pressure can in time lead to considerable fuel and wear costs. The Tire Pressure Monitoring system ensures that the driver is always aware of the air pressure in the tires, so that action can be taken quickly when it is no longer optimal.


  • Reverse warning system
    Knowing what's going on behind the machine is critical when other staff are often on the reachstacker site. Four rear sensors and a reversing camera transmit real-time information to a display in the cab, alerting the driver to hazards and increasing the safety of personnel and the driver. You can also add additional cameras to the spreaders or on the front of the machine.


  • Fire Suppression system
    To protect your operators and machine from fire, you can mount an FSS on your machine. The system uses multiple nozzles that release high-pressure water spray where the fire is detected. This can be activated manually or automatically via a temperature sensor in the cabin.


  • Alcohol slot
    To ensure that your driver is at their best when operating your equipment, you can install an Alcolock system. This system ensures that the driver meets the standards for alcohol blood levels before he can start the machine, just like a breathalyzer.

Kalmar ECO Reachstackers


Kalmar ECO Reachstackers

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