Fast anticipation on peak periodes


With short term rental you can have the correct machine that you need at a certain moment, Perfect to absorbe peak moments in your operations. With our own transport facilities we are able to deliver you very fast the requested machine at your premises.

Work finished? Cancel the rent immediately. You will not have machines in your fleet that you do not need anymore.

With Feyter Forklift Services you can always rent fast and flexible the correct machine. Whether you need a small pallet truck, aerial platform, telehandler, big forklift or reachstacker, we will have it for you! Our fleet of rental machines exists of 1000 units of warehouse equipment, telehandlers, small and big forklifts and container handlers.

Trough renting you are not touching your own financials

Financial flexible

Trough renting you are not touching your own financials, no investments or long term agreements. Amortisation, interest, maintenance costs and  insurance, all is covered in the rental fee. And this is tax deductible.