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Feyter Forklift Services is official dealer of Manitou telescopic handlers, all terrain forklifts and aerial platforms in the Southwest region of The Netherlands. We offer machines to buy, rent and lease. Next to that we have a large stock of spare parts and our maintenance department contains over 30 technicians. For an overview of our used Manitou machines you can check out our (external) occasions website.


Product overview

With Manitou we offer a versatile brand to our customers, with a wide range of products and services. From a small pallet truck to a large rotating telescopic handler.

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Manitou verreikers - Feyter Forklift Services

Manitou telehandlers for agriculture, construction and industry


The telehandler concept is specifically designed to move heavy loads and raise them to (medium) high altitude. The machines are used in many industries because of their more versatile use compared to the standard forklift. The Manitou telescopic handler thanks his success to the availability of many different front pieces that can be attached to the head of the telescopic arm. Consider the standard forks, buckets, crane arms, clambs, and many more. The possibilities are almost endless.

The wide range of Manitou telescopic handlers is divided into the Agriculture, Industry and Rotating segments. Feyter Forklift Services has always a suitable machine for your specific job, regardless of whether it is loading straw or a maintenance stop at a chemical plant. The rental fleet varies from the small Manitou MLT-625 to the rotating MRT-2150.

If you are looking for a telehandler to own, buying or leasing a machine is interesting. You can choose from the full range of over 40 telehandlers. The most suitable model we then fully configurate according to your specific requirements. In case of lease, you often benefit from one of the many financing discounts of Manitou and / or Feyter Forklift Services.



Manitou heftrucks - Feyter Forklift Services

Manitou forklifts for (semi)industrial and all-terrain use


The rough terrain forklift is where it all started for Manitou in 1958. The MC5, an idea of ​​Marcel Braud, was not much more than a reversed tractor with a lifting mast. In 1969 the first truly four-wheel driven forklift truck was launched. With this long history and all related experience it is almost obvious that Manitou has almost the sole right in this segment nowadays. The Manitou M30 and M50 therefore do not have similar competitors in their field of application. The machines are widely used by construction companies for moving heavy loads on unpaved construction sites.

Manitou also offers industrial forklifts for almost every application. These machines are characterized by their robust construction, easy operation and accessible maintenance.

However, between the use of a forklift in industrial applications and rough terrain, there is still a wide market for Manitou's unique semi-industrial forklift trucks. If you have a large business area that is not completely flat or partially unpaved, then the Manitou MSI forklifts are the perfect solution that, like the Manitou M forklift trucks, doesn't have a true competitor.



Manitou hoogwerkers - Feyter Forklift Services

Manitou aerial platforms of up to 28 metres


Manitou aerial platforms are divided into 3 categories: Articulated platforms, Scissor lifts and Telescopic platforms. The first Maniaccess machine, the name under which Manitou puts its platforms on the market, was introduced in 1995. Today, this boom lift is still unique in the market because of its rugged capacity. The ATJ is the modern version of this machine.

With its four-wheel drive, four-wheel drive and rear-axle rear axle, the new TJ is also suitable for use in uneven terrain.



Manitou Finance

Manitou Finance

With Manitou Finance we have a lot of possibilities when it comes to financing, or leasing as you like. Often with very interesting rates which make you wonder why you would ever buy instead of lease. For more information about all the possibilities you can contact us via the contact-page!