Lifting capacity 2.0 ton
The PTW20 is BYD's electric pallet truck for relatively short distances, where no operator platform is necessary. Like all BYD products i uses the unique, revolutionary Lithium-Iron-Phosphate battery technology. This innovative and safe battery technology guarantees 65% battery capacity after 8 years or 10,000 working hours. Operating costs are being reduced due to the lack of need to refill the battery with water. In fact, the battery needs no maintenance at all. The battery uses up to 40% less energy than a lead-acid truck and it can be charged in about 1,5 hour in most applications.
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After 8 years / 10.000 hours still 65% battery capacity guaranteed
Battery can be fully charged in about 1,5 hour
Reduce costs up to 40% due to lower energy use and no maintenance costs for the battery

BYD pallettruck features


Long life battery

The BYD Lithium Iron-Phosphate battery has an extremely long life. Compared with a life of 1.000 - 1.500 cycles of a typical lead-acid battery, the BYD battery will operate much longer. After 8 years or 10.000 working hours, the BYD battery will retain more than 65%. That means the battery will continue to operate for many more years after that.



Charging the BYD way

The BYD batteries are charged so fast that they never need to be removed from the forklift. Depending on the chosen BYD charger, full charging takes about 1.5 hours or even less. Quick charging at lunch breaks will keep the BYD forklift ready for the rest of the shift. Side charging is so easy that even coffee breaks can be used for a quick charge, without reducing the life expectancy of the battery..



Ergonomically designed

The steering tiller can be handled with perfect touch. It matches hands of different sizes and is easy to use for left- and right handed people. Electric Power Steering allows the operator to manoeuvre the pallet truck with great ease and reduces fatigue.


BYD PTW20 Specifications


Manufacturer BYD
Model PTW20
Drive Elektrisch
Operator type Mitgänger
Load capacity 2000 kg
Load center 600 mm
Load distance 815 / 865 / 935 mm
Wheelbase 1211 / 1261 / 1331 mm
Service weight 577 kg
Lift height 120 mm
Height of forks lowered 82 mm
Overall length 1655 / 1705 / 1775 mm
Overall width 775 mm
Forkdimensions 54 x 180 x 1100 / 1150 / 1220 mm
Width over forks 520 / 550 / 650 / 685 mm
Turning radius 1400 / 1450 / 1520 mm
Travel speed 5.5 km/h
Drive motor 1.2 kW
Lift motor 1.2 kW




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