Kalmar DCG 100-180

Lifting capacity 18.0 ton
Lift height 7.0 meter
The Kalmar Essential forklift range, with a lifting capacity from 10 to 18 tonnes, gives you everything you expect from Kalmar: A quality build and high operational efficiency, for a great price. Built on their proven platform, you can expect a robust and reliable forklift that is able to handle your toughest loads. With a little less amount of optional features, the Essential forklifts are an interesting alternative for the smaller budgets.
Prices on request
Hefcapaciteit variërend van 10 tot 18 ton
Op en top Kalmar: Robuust, uiterst betrouwbaar en hoge veiligheid
Onderscheidend aan de Essential heftrucks is de zeer competitieve prijs

Kalmar Essential heftrucks

In juni 2017 introduceerde Kalmar zijn nieuwe serie heftrucks met hefcapaciteiten van 10 tot 18 ton onder de naam "Essential Range". Bij het ontwikkelen en bouwen is de wereldwijd erkende kwaliteit van het Zweedse merk als uitgangspunt genomen: Robuustheid, betrouwbaarheid en veiligheid zijn daarbij topprioriteit. Het onderscheidende vermogen van de Essential heftrucks is de zeer competitieve prijs.

Options DCG100-180


For the cabine:

  • Airconditioning
    You can choose to add airconditioning or sun screens to protect your drivers from the sun.
  • Grid protection
    You can choose additional grid protection for enhanced driver safety when handling items that may fall, like wood or other debris.
  • Premium driver seat
    Or upgrade to a premium GRAMMER seat with additional dampening for the ultimate in operator comfort.



For the machine:

  • Rear Mounted Camera
    Knowing what’s going on behind you is critical when other personnel are present. A rear mounted camera can provide realtime information to an in-cabin display, helping improve personnel and driver safety.
  • Blue Spot Safety Light
    To protect bystanders in noisy environments, a blue LED safety light can be fitted. The safety light projects onto the ground behind the forklift, so bystanders can see which direction the forklift is moving and do not need to rely on hearing the machine.
  • Speed limiter
    Allows you to set a safe speed limit on the forklift that your operators cannot exceed.
  • Electronic inching
    When you are lifting heavy loads, you will need additional power. Electronic Inching allows you to maintain high engine revs for the hydraulic system without engaging the drive in the gearbox. This is achieved by releasing the clutch electronically prior to revving the engine.
  • Automatic greasing system
    By installing a central greasing system, you can be certain that your machine components are fully lubricated when they need to be, no matter where they are or how difficult it is to access them. Keeping them fully lubricated will reduce your servicing and component replacement costs.


Kalmar DCG 100-180


Kalmar DCG 100-180

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