Introduction Manitou NewAg telehandlers

Eind 2016 lanceerde Manitou de nieuwe NewAg verreikers: Een geheel opnieuw ontworpen serie verreikers volledig gericht op de werkzaamheden in de landbouw. De NewAg (New Agricultural) serie omvat in totaal 9 nieuwe modellen met een ruime keuze aan transmissies en opties. De speerpunten van de Manitou NewAg zijn een zeer hoog comfort, optimale prestaties en geminimaliseerde gebruikskosten.

Manitou NewAg agricultural telehandlers

Currently there are 3 models NewAg in production by Manitou, the "MLT 635 130PS +", "MLT-733 105" and "MLT-737 130PS +". The remaining 6 types will be taken into production in the course of 2017. All NewAg machines include the striking Easy-Step access to the cabin, the panoramic view, low in-cab noise, fuel-efficient Stage 4 engines and simplified maintenance.


NewAg telehandlers at Feyter

In February 2017 Feyter Forklift Services has received the first three models for demonstrations. So feel free to drop by to view and try the machines.


Comfort and productivity are closely linked. That is why Manitou telehandlers provide an optimal level of ergonomics and all the features that you need to fully concentrate on your activity. 

  • Panoramic visibility

The NewAg models feature exceptional visibility. The angle of each blade of the roof structure has been meticulously adjusted in relation to the lifting height to offer you a clear view of the load, regardless of its position. The relatively low position of the boom articulation point and the one-piece windscreen offer you 360° visibility, guaranteeing your safety and the safety
of those around you.

  • Silent cab

Because silence is a factor of well-being, we also consider cab soundproofing a major priority (73 dB). If you get fed up with silence occasionally, you can always turn on the radio!

  • Easy-Access

The access to the driving station has been entirely redesigned. This model offers cab access via a proper set of steps. The non-skid step and large handles on the cab frame and door make it even easier to climb up and down.

  • Clear, modular dashboard

Behind the wheel of the NewAg, all the controls are within reach and are clearly identified with symbols and colour codes. And because everyone has their own way of doing things, you can choose the position of your "DSB" buttons: an essential time-saver that enables you to concentrate on the work at hand!

  • Exclusive joystick

Exclusive to Manitou, the JSM® on the suspended armrest allows you to operate in complete safety and without getting tired by carrying out every movement with one hand: raise and lower the boom, extend and retract the boom, crowd and dump the bucket, hydraulically move the attachments, and also reverse the machine. One hand stays on the wheel so you keep total control over your machine.



Because performance is one of your priorities, Manitou agricultural telehandlers offer you features and a choice of transmissions that are well-adapted to your work environment.

  • A variety of transmissions

    • Torque convertor with Powershuttle gearbox
      Reliable, economic and effective, this transmission is particularly well-suited if you use the machine for tasks such as agricultural loading and off-road or on‑road transport. Combined with a four-speed manual gearbox, it allows you to easily adapt your speed to the work at hand.
    • Torque convertor with Powershift Plus gearbox
      This transmission is very easy to use. You may change speeds using the clutch, manually (+/- buttons on the JSM make it possible to change among the six speeds) or automatically. 
    • M-Varioshift
      Precision and tractive power: the M-Varioshift guarantees smooth handling. The M-Varioshift enables you to adapt the moving speed up to 40 km/h and to adapt the tractive effort according to the task. Choose your speed with a simple movement on the joystick.
    • M-Vario Plus
      Reaching 40 km/h smoothly is now possible with the M-Vario Plus transmission! The engine power is continually adjusted to provide the best torque‑speed ratio for the task at hand. This means great comfort in use and fuel efficiency.
  • Active boom suspension

This system absorbs the stock movements of the boom when you drive with or without a load. The components are put under less strain, your load is protected and driver comfort is ensured. The new Active CRC system is automatically activated when driving over 4 km/h.


Low cost of ownership

  • Suitable power = controlled consumption

Each telehandler is fitted with suitable engine, giving you the optimal machine/engine combination for maximum efficiency and minimal consumption.

  • New cooling system

The NewAg cooling system was engineered to ensure you long, comfortable workdays. Its electronic adjustment* system allows it to automatically set the speed and rotation of the fan according to the temperature of the engine. This enables you to significantly reduce your fuel consumption.

Manitou Newag telehandler
Manitou Newag telehandler
Manitou Newag telehandler
Manitou Newag telehandler
Manitou Newag telehandler