Manitou MLT-635

Lifting capacity 3.5 ton
Lift height 6.1 meter
The MLT-635 is part of the Manitou NewAg innovative telehandlers, introduced in 2017. With the completely new cab including lots of innovations, a suitable 4 cylinder Deutz engine, Powershift Plus transmission, a wide choice of tyres and new hydraulic functions, the Manitou MLT-635 is designed for maximum comfort, performance and efficiency.
Powershift Plus transmission is very easy to use. Change speeds manually or automatically.
Fitted with a suitable Deutz engine giving optimal efficiency and minimal consumption.
The easy accessible cabin offers loads of innovations, perfect sight and a silent workspace.

Telehandlers according to your demands

The new range of Manitou agricultural telehandlers, NewAg, was designed to assist in your everyday work and to meet with the needs that farmers have expressed to Manitou dealers  and to Manitou directly at trade shows, over the website and on the Manitou social networks.



Designed for comfort

The new NewAg telehandlers offer an outstanding level of ergonomics. Why? Because comfort and productivity are closely linked. Therefore the MLT-635 offers all the features that you need to fully concentrate on your activity. Some come as standard, others to be chosen optionally.


Standard features are the unique Easy-Step access to the cabin, the panoramic visibility due to the low position of the boom and the large windscreen, very low sound level (73dB),  modular dashboard, exclusive JSM lever, etc.


Designed for productivity

Besides the fact that high ergonomics will result in higher productivity, the driver must have the right tools for an optimal performance. The NewAg agricultural telehandlers offer you features and a choice of transmissions that are well-adapted to your work environment.


Each telehandler is fitted with suitable engine to guarantee an optimal machine/engine combination for maximum efficiency and minimal consumption. In order to work on any terrain the Manitou MLT telehandlers are ultra-manageable machines with four steering modes, four wheel drive, oscillating rear axle, a high ground clearance and a wide choice of tyres. The standard limited slip differential on the front axle helps you to get out of tricky situations.


With the "double U" boom, well protected hoses and distributors, protected tilting cylinder, Dana Spicer axle, multi-disc braking within the axle, robust one-piece chassis and many more innovations, the Manitou telehandlers are truly build to last.


Designed for efficiency

The Manitou NewAg offers lots of features to save you time. Very quick hydraulic movements,  a wide range of tyres, hooks and attachments and easier maintenance are the best examples of this.


The new Active CRC boom suspension is automatically activated when driving over 4 km/h in order to protect the load, increase driver comfort and putting components under less strain. At lower speeds, the feature is deactivated to focus on movement precision for easier, faster load


Fuel consumption is reduced  thanks to the new cooling system with electronic adjustment, to regulate speed and rotation of the fan to the engine temperature, resulting in less fuel consumption.


The flow sharing distributor guarantees simultaneous movements for more efficient and faster work. Combined with the JSM lever, the hydraulic pump of your MLT delivers a maximum flow of 100, 150 or 170 l/min for quick, precise movements.

Powershift Plus transmission is very easy to use. Change speeds manually or automatically.
Fitted with a suitable Deutz engine giving optimal efficiency and minimal consumption.
The easy accessible cabin offers loads of innovations, perfect sight and a silent workspace.

Ergonomic cab

Enjoy equipment perfectly suited to your needs: a cloth-covered seat, a steering column with adjustable height and depth, a sun visor, an electric window, a USB slot, a 12V plug, and more. The sound level of just 73 dB, a clear and modular dashboard and the exclusive JSM lever on the suspended armrest offer a rustic working environment.



Easy-Step access

Just like the cabin, the access to the driving station has been entirely redesigned. The NewAg telehandlers offer cab access via a unique, proper set of steps.



Torque convertor with Powershift Plus gearbox

This transmission is very easy to use. You may change speeds using the clutch, manually (by the +/- buttons on the JSM) or automatically. This makes it possible to concentrate on the work at hand.



Ideal power/ weight ratio

The NewAg range is equipped with Deutz 4-cylinder engines with a cubic capacity of 3.6 l. With power ranging from 101 hp to 136 hp according to the model, these engines are perfectly suited to your activities. The optimal machine/engine combination guarantee maximum efficiency and minimal consumption.




The MLT-635 is an ultra-manageable machine with four steering modes. It allows you to access the majority of your working environment. Combined with four wheel drive, the compact dimensions, its excellent turning circle, limited slip differential and agricultural profile tyres it is made easy to fulfil your daily tasks.



Choose your features

The Manitou MLT-635 is available in 3 standard variations with different levels of finish: Classic, Premium and Elite.



Hydraulic performance

The 150 l/min hydraulic pump provides high flow performance for quick and precise movements. Combined with the JSM lever and the flow sharing distributor, which guarantees simultaneous movements, it enables you to achieve fast working cycles. 

The Manitou MLT-635 specifications:



Maximum capacity: 3.500 kg

Maximum lifting height: 6.08 m



Type: Deutz

Emission standard: Stage IV / Final Tier 4

Capacity: 4 cylinders - 3621 cm3

Power: 129 hp / 95 kW

Max. torque: 500 Nm



Type: Torque convertor

Number of gears: 6 / 6



Flow: 150 l/min

Pressure: 235 bar

Tank volume: 135 l



Overall length to carriage: 4.66 m

Overall width: 2.39 m

Overall height: 2.38 m

Turning radius: 3.77 m

Ground clearance: 0.41 m

Powershift Plus transmission
Variable flow hydraulic pump 150 l/min
Large ground clearance of 41 cm
1650 kg capacity at maximum forward reach (at 3.20 m)

Manitou MLT-635


Manitou MLT-635

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