Profile Car & Tyreservice is regarded as the specialist in tires for both the private and business market. Profile Car & Tire Service field service recently added a new tool: an electric forklift equipped with a custom-designed hydraulic tire clamp. The clamp is unique and designed to the exact wishes of the customer.

This new combination makes work on site, especially for clients in industry and ports, much easier and safer. Changing tires on a machine in these industries involves a bit more than changing a car tire. In these industries, the tires and the machines are often exceptionally large and heavy. For example, think of the tires of a reachstacker or a big loader. To make work more ergonomic and safer for the employees, Profile Car & Tire Service was looking for a tailor-made solution. And that’s exactly where Feyter Forklift Services came in.

Custom made tire clamb

Profile Car & Tyreservice’s wish was not only to be able to lift and clamp the tires, but also to rotate them 360 degrees and tilt them 90 degrees forwards. It was obvious the needed solution was not be found in a standard catalog.

Feyter Forklift Services involved German company KAUP in the project for the realization of a unique attachment to fit a Mitsubishi electric forklift. Eventually a tailor-made device has been developed that meets the requirements: a tire clamp with 4 hydraulic functions – clamping, turning, tilting and ‘sideshifting’ – with the capacity to handle tires up to 2.20 meters in diameter and a weight of up to 800 kg.