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Celebrate with us...

...Our 60th Anniversary

Feyter Group is turning 60 years old in 2019 and we are celebrating! We are doing this by hosting a Corporate Day on Saterday 11th of May. We would like to invite you to visit us in Terneuzen, the Feyter Group Headquarter.


You are welcome to view all aspects of our company between 12.00 and 16.00. Our staff, from Forklift Services and Industrial Services, are ready to explain all about our machinery to you and you will be able to witness a vary of demonstrations. Of course, this is all happening while you are enjoying a drink and a bite to eat.


Please let us know if we can expect you via our registration page:

Short term rental

Even if your logistic operation is running smoothly and you’re satisfied with your forklift fleet, there can still be a good reason to hire. For example when you need a little help to meet peaks in demand. But there are more good reasons to chose for rental instead of buying: You will have no suprises, all costs are known from the start; The time from order to delivery is very short and the hiring can be stopped whenever you want.

Feyter Manitou MSI met open moterkap

Our "no worries" service

With a very experienced technical department with over 45 technicians, we are able to solve technical problems fast and efficient. Low downtime warrants maximum rentability of your equipment. But we offer more than maintenance and technical service. We supply training for drivers, financial advice and solutions, thinking along in cost savings, safety and more!

Thinking along, resolving and unburdening

The Forklift Services division of Feyter Group concentrates on forklifts, telehandlers, container handling machines, port equipment and warehouse machines. Next to its headquarter in Terneuzen, Netherlands, this division has subsidiaries in the port of Vlissingen (also Netherlands) and Ghent, Belgium. The division contains also the companies Feyter Gabelstapler in Germany and Feyter Iberia in Spain. 

With well equipped workshops, state-of-the-art equipment, highly qualified engineers and over 40 fully equipped service verhicles which are continuously manned by one of our technicians, Feyter Forklift Services guarantees quality care for all equipment.

Feyter Forklift Services is known as a specialist in the field of customer-oriented, made-to-measure items for rental, lease, service contracts and sale- and lease-back operations!

Feyter transport of forklifts and telehandlers